Timmy the Tiger
Escaped Tiger
Personal information
Name Timmy the Tiger
Also Know As Tiger
Escaped Tiger
Hair color Orange (fur)
Eye color Yellow
Gender Male
Species Tiger
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Residence Port Doover
Time Jail
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations The Bounty Hunter League
Friends None
Enemies Zookeeper
Luc Maxwell
Theo Merton Jr.
Love Interests None
Interests Time Manipulation
Human Hunting
Dislikes Imprisonment
Parents Unknown
Spouses None
Children None
Siblings Unknown
Pets None
Others Unknown
Appearance and Voice actor
First episode All Things Being Sequel
Last episode Glitch Girl
Voiced by: Unknown

Timmy the Tiger, more commonly known as "The Escaped Tiger" is a tiger that escapes from Port Doover Zoo on the day of the loop.


Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Claire's excuse for crashing her car is "Did you see that tiger jump in the way?" Although it may sound ridiculous in hindsight, it's actually a plausible excuse, given Timmy's free roaming in Port Doover that day.
  • In the episode "Out of Time", a time police report of a prison break, led by an inter-dimensional tiger went out. This is a reference to the zoo breakout, led by the escaped tiger.
  • In the episode "Back in the Saddle", it was revealed that Timmy was actually more intelligent and self-aware than he let on, being busted as an intergalactic bounty hunter, who was notorious in many other time quadrants. He was arrested and taken to time jail at the end, but he was still seen, roaming free in Port Doover in future episodes, which shouldn't have been reset with the loop.
    • It can be argued that the tiger that escaped from Time Prison in "Out of Time" was Timmy, and that he has a history of constantly doing this, explaining his return to Monday, 12th.
  • Timmy the Tiger is a parody on Tony the Tiger. In "Back in the Saddle", upon his true identiy being revealed, he quoted "They're rrrrrrrrright!"
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