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The Time Fuzz is a civil force that keeps order in the space-time continuum, by arresting time-travelling crime causers. Luc and Theo are technically criminals at large, for the act of looping time to advantage oneself is seen as a violation of space law.


The Time Fuzz first appeared in "Out of Time", where they first got on the case of the time loopers of Monday 12th. They arrested a ton of people, wrongly assuming them to be the time loopers. Everyone except Luc and Theo went to time jail, due to the stupidity of the two detectives sent to do the job, McGal and Spritz. In the end, McGal and Spritz arrested themselves, thinking that their constant removal of people on Monday 12th was what was causing the paradoxes.



  • The reason they're called "Time Fuzz" is because during the 1960's, a common slang term for police was "The Fuzz", due to the police during that time, generally having buzz cut hair.
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