Theo Fly is the second episode of season one of Looped.


Theo swallows a fly and gains fly-like abailities.


Luc and Theo are in science class, and Luc is distracted by a fly outside the window. Just then, the teacher teaches them that the lifespan of a fly is one day, meaning that the loop day is the only day that fly outside the window will be alive. Luc is bored of this and suggests to Theo that they ditch school and rewatch Insector 2, for the 489th time. Just then, Coach Lessard, crashes through the door, asking the students if they'd like to try out for badminton, distracting the teacher and students long enough for them to escape through the window. As they do, Theo is freaked out by the fly and accidentally swallows it. He thinks little of it and they watch the movie. The next Monday, Luc finds out that Theo has developed fly-like abilities. Luc gets the fly out of his body, but Theo still has the fly powers. Theo expects that with the next coming loop, his DNA will go back to normal, but for now, he and Luc enjoy his powers. After gym, Theo notices he's changing more, as his legs become fly legs too. The fly from before also starts to develop human-like abilities, unbeknownsy to Luc and Theo. Luc spills his lunch on Jesse, earning him a fart-boxing before assembly. Later, Luc loses Theo and doesn't find him, until he has gone through some major changes. They also run into the fly, who is now human enough to communicate with them and plans on killing Theo with a flyswatter. The fly chases Theo through the school, but just as he's about to swat him, Jesse grabs him, mistaking him for the real theo. Luc takes advantage of this by tossing Theo into the fly's mouth, just before the fart-boxing, sending Theo and the fly back to normal again. The next Monday, Theo thanks Luc for what he did, only to find out that during that same loop, Theo combined himself with a badger.


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  • The title of this episode is a pun on "The Fly". The plot of the episode is also a parody on it, involving Theo looping with a fly, giving himself and the fly each other's abilities.
  • Theo's superhero name, "Flyder Man" is a parody on Spider Man.
  • First episode with a full-blown musical number, The Flyder Man Theme Song.
  • During Luc's wake up sequences in this episode, only the instrumental for Wakey Wakey plays.


  • If the fly's lifespan is one day, and it was unaffected by the loop, after being swallowed by Theo, then it should have died somewhere during the second loop. However, it is possible that the lifespan of a human being was one of the human traits it absorbed from Theo during the loop.
  • Luc spilled his lunch on Jesse, after getting up from the table, triggering him into fart-boxing him. Usually, he spills his lunch on Jesse, while he's still in the line, before he gets to the table. However, earlier that day, Theo got Jesse to take a walk outside, pondering what he would do about Theo becoming dodgeball champ, putting him in a different place in time that day.
  • Luc looped himself with a honey badger on the last Monday, shown in the episode, which resulted in him getting badger legs. However, in his wake-up sequence at the start of the day, two frames showed him with regular legs, including the one with him waking up in bed and walking out the door. It can be argued that the loop had not yet taken affect on him at the time, though.
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