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The Replacements is the thirteenth episode of season one of Looped.


Sarah is stealing Luc and Theo's attention with her beauty, and so they think of a plan to keep Kelly and Kelli out of school, depriving her of her voice.





  • Luc reveals that when he was in kindergarten, he shoved a toy truck up his nose, which didn't come out, officially making the truck a part of his body.
  • Kelly and Kelli demonstrate their abilities of levitation, telekenisis, electric generation, and weather manipulation.
  • Luc mentions game called "Donkey Thong", which is an obvious parody on Donkey Kong.
  • The Twins saying "It's time to play" is a reference to "The Shining", where a pair of twins say "Come play with us.".
  • Innuendo: At the end of the episode, Theo exclaimed "What a load of -" only to be cut off by a bull mooing.