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The Power of Friendship is a song, sung by disembodied voices in the episode Nerdnesia.


Running with a best friend for a bus you never catch
but you make the effort anyway.
A car splashes you by chance
but your friend's umbrella saves your pants.
That's the power of friendship.
Hey, hey, hey!
You ignore a false alarm.
You dodge the kids, who think there's harm.
You move right out of their way.
You swapped the principal's notes, wow!
He has to tame a lion now.
That's the power of friendship.
Hey, hey, hey!
1 2 3 go!
Ain't no squirrel gunna pee in your hair!
Cuz you've got the power of friendship there.
The power of friendship means best friends alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!
Do everything together, always.


You friend behaves and you get trampled instead.
It's like the power of friendship is dead.
No one switched the principal's notes
so now, you're watching brushing strokes.
The power of friendship? It's gone.
As the squirrel pees on your head,
you can see the friendship is dead.

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