Store Owner
Store Owner
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The Store Owner is the unnamed owner of a store in Port Doover. On Monday, he holds a surprise 1,000,000th customer celebration for whatever random customer may enter his store. Luc and Theo often make themselves said customers, knowing exactly when the 999,999th person is going to enter the store. He is a tall, prideful man with a loud, booming voice. He first appeared in "Port Fear".


In "Port Fear", Luc and Theo walked into his store and when he was in the middle of making their special announcement, they cut him off, knowing exactly what was going on. They took their free box of grape soda and went on their ways, leaving him and the other store workers puzzled.

In "Part 2 of a Balanced Breakfast", Luc and Theo went into his store, attempting to get a free box of Loopy Loops Cereal, but due to a glitch in the loop, they were only the second to millionth customer in the store and an Old Lady won the prize instead. Luc and Theo haggled with her for the award and the old lady said that she'd let them have their box if they pretended to be her grand kids. Luc and Theo cheated their way out of this, by promising to do so tomorrow.

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