Personal information
Name Spritz
Also Know As Unknown
Hair color Blond
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Time Cop
Residence Outside of Time
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations Time Fuzz
Friends McGal
Luc Maxwell
Theo Merton Jr.
Enemies Timmy the Tiger
Love Interests Betz (possibly)
Interests Time Traveling
Time Crime Busting
Dislikes Unemployment
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Appearance and Voice actor
First episode Out of Time
Last episode Back in the Saddle
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Spritz is a member of the Time Police and buddy cop sidekick of McGal. He first appeared in "Out of Time".


In "Out of Time", Spritz and McGal were sent by Captain Gruff to Monday, October 12th, 2015, due to an excessive use of time looping on that day. Though the obvious criminals were Luc and Theo, he consistently accused the wrong people of being the time loopers. As he kept returning, Luc and Theo took advantage of this, by telling the time cops that the people who they hated, were likely to be the criminals, enough so that they could get arrested. As Spritz blindly followed all of these accusations, he and McGal developed a friendly bond with Luc and Theo, lowering suspicion that they were the culprits. After wiping out everyone in Port Doover, all that was left was Luc and Theo. Spritz decided that the only possible conclusion was that he and McGal were causing the trouble, themselves, and they handcuffed themselves and had Luc and Theo drive them off to Time Jail.

In "Back in the Saddle", Spritz and McGal had lost their jobs for turning themselves in, and they learned that they were not the criminals. They lost their jobs, and went back to Monday 12th, and camped out in their time travelling car, in the alley way behind the movie theater like a pair of hobos. Luc and Theo helped them get jobs again, trying to get them hired for something else, but none of this worked. Spritz then announced that because they couldn't do it, their understudies Betz and Sanga, two intelligent and actually competent workers were going to step in for them. Knowing that this would be the end, Luc and Theo had to place the blame on someone else, so that Spritz and McGal would arrest them, before the real time fuzz arrived. Since every normal human was blamed and later proven innocent in "Out of Time", Luc and Theo had to have a second encounter with one of their old time-immune, magical, supernatural, interdimensional, etc. friends. They settled on Tommy Sparkle, since he was easy to summon and likely to loop. However, when they summoned him, Spritz and McGal had already caught Timmy the Tiger, another interdimensional criminal, who happened to be running through Port Doover on Monday 12th at the time. They turned the long-wanted animal in and earned their jobs as time police back again.

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