Splash Hannah
Splash Hannah
Personal information
Name Splash Hannah
Also Know As Splash
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Species Mermaid
Age 14
Birthday November 2 2001
Occupation Student
Residence Port Doover
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations Port Doover Elementary
Friends Kyle Bush
Enemies Hector the Collector
Love Interests Kyle Bush
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Appearance and Voice actor
First episode Reverse Mermaid
Last episode Part 1 of a Balanced Breakfast
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Splash Hannah is a student at Port Doover Elementary. She is secretly a reverse mermaid, which is a giant fish with human legs. Her fish head is only visible, when she's doused in water, allowing her to have the appearance of a human preteen at school. She's made many background appearances in the series, but her one major role was in "Reverse Mermaid".

Appearances Edit

She is a thin, tan skinned girl with long curly blonde hair. She wears a blue tank top, turquoise skirt, purple starfish on her hair, and sandals.

Episode Appearances Edit

Reverse Mermaid


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