Personal information
Name Shelley
Also Know As Piranha Ball
Hair color None
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Species Piranha
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Class Pet
Residence Port Doover
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations Port Doover Elementary
Friends None
Enemies Coach Lessard
Love Interests None
Interests Eating
Dislikes Unknown
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Appearance and Voice actor
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Shelley is the class piranha at Port Doover Elementary, and an arch enemy of Coach Lessard. She resigns in a glass ball full of water and on Monday, she escaped from her case, rolling around the school in it. She's appeared from time to time, but she had her first major role in Moby Piranha.


In "Dodge This", Shelley briefly rolled past Luc and Theo in the halls, while they were complaining about Jesse beating them at dodgeball.

In "Monday Circles", Amy planned on dropping Shelley into the flood of the impending crash of the Port Doover water tower, only to find out that the tower was empty when it happened.

In "Chick Magnet", Baby Theo ate Shelley.

In "Sooper Loopers", Theo rolled Shelley under a ladder, intentionally knocking it over, to almost fall on Sarah and The Twins, just so he could save them from his own accident.

In "Ronnie Trasco", Luc and Theo witnessed the process of Lessard chasing Shelley and losing his golf cart.

In "Moby Piranha", Luc and Theo realized Coach Lessard would follow Shelley, wherever she went, and had fun with this. Eventually, she went down a mutant toilet and went into the ocean, making Lessard cry. He explained to Luc and Theo how Shelley bit his arm off, which contained the hand, wearing his championship badminton ring, which is why he vows revenge. Luc, Theo, and Lessard travelled out to sea, and went inside Shelley's giant mouth, to retrieve his arm.

In "Part 1 of a Balanced Breakfast", one of the glitches caused the roles of Lessard and Shelley to switch, with Shelley driving the golfcart, while pushing Lessard around in a giant glass ball.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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