She's All Bot is the third episode of season one of Looped.


Theo builts a robot of Gwyn.


Theo programs a robot with knowledge of every event that happens on Monday, 12th. It's intention is to predict the butterfly affect of every action they make, in order to keep them safe. Luc notices that she looks very similar to Gwyn Sanders, who overhears him saying her name, all the way from the school. She instaqntly zips over there and stalks her crush, Luc, and shows disgst toward Theo, and also forgets his name. Theo starts the robot and Luc puts it up to an extreme challenge, asking her how he can drive a flame throwing monster truck through the school cafateria, while cooking and eating a bunch of pizzas, then driving up the flagpole andm over a school-bus pyramid, while not spilling a drop of an extremely full glass of milk. She calculates the outcome and Luc pulls off the entire stunt with grace. Luc immediately loves the robot and names her Dragonface Pukebutt, much to the dismay of Theo. Luc and Theo use Dragonface Pukebutt for a series of ridiculous activities, but for some reason, Theo manages to take a beating from everything, while only Luc is safe. The final straw is when they attempt to avoid a fart-boxing from Jesse, which ends with only Theo getting fart-boxed. They soon find out it's because Dragonface Pukebutt's personality is too similar to that of Gwyn's, making her hate Theo and love Luc. Luc says he'll put the needs of his friend before Dragonface, only for her to overhear him, sending her into a destructive rage-mode. Luc and Theo attempt to excape her wrath, but since she has knowledge of everything they do, she can predict their every move. Luc gets the idea to do something completey unexpected and out of character, so that she wouldn't see it coming. Luc gives himself up to Dragonface Pukebutt and kisses her on the lips, overloading her with romantic joy, and making her explode. In the next loop, Theo doesn't have the heart to leave Pukebutt's fate the way it ended yesterday and rebuilds her, this time with a romantic mate, a robot that strongly resembles Luc, named Tiny Fishbrain.


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  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "She's All Woman".
  • First speaking appearance and major role of Gwyn Sanders.
  • Theo mentions Edward Lorenz's butterfly effect, as the way he and Luc's actions may either directly or indirectly set of a series of different events, that lead to an overall, different outcome.
  • Dragonface Pukebutt would make a later appearance in the episode "Loopy Loops". This would seem impossible, given the fact that the loop would have vanquished her from existence, due to her being built by Theo on the day of the loop. It can be said that the events of the that specific loop, were later on the same loop day as the final loop in this episode, where Theo rebuilt Dragonface once more, and paired her with Tiny Fishbrain. This was just later on that day, where Dragonface Pukebutt happened to be floating by Port Doover capitol, and joined the crowd, when Wilt Doover was making his speech, and Tiny Fishbrain just happened to either not be with her at the time, or he was hidden, just offscreen.
  • Innuendo: Luc makes the comment "Bros before bots", which is a play on the phrase "Bros before hos".


  • Jesse was unable to fart-box Luc and Theo because he didn't have enough time to do so, before helping Sarah. He did however, have enough time to fart-box Theo. This makes no sense, given that he always fart-boxes both of them at the same time, so that would have taken him just as much time as it would to fart-box both of them.
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