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Ronnie Trasco is the second episode of season 2 of Looped. It is the 28th episode overall.


The boys meet Ronnie Trasco, an undercover PI on a mission to recover a missing doll.





  • The episode's title and story's plot is a parody on Donnie Brasco.
  • It's revealed that Principal Applecrab collects Her-Tiny kitty dolls.
  • It's revealed that Amy gets sent to detention on Monday, though she dodges saying the reason why.
  • It's revealed that Lester's cup of Frozey Freeze does not sit well with him, causing him to have diarrhea. It's also revealed that on the other side of his locker, is another door, leading to a bathroom that only he knows about.
  • Ronnie Trasco's true form resembles Liono from Thundercats.
  • Luc tells Ronnie Trasco that he would have gotten away with his plan, if it weren't for them, meddling kids. This is a reference to Scooby Doo.