Rocket to Tomorrow is the tenth episode of season three of Looped. It is the thirty sixth episode overall.


Theo tries to get on a rocket ship with Turk Parfait.





  • Turk Parfait from the episode "11 Minutes to Lame" makes a second appearance in this episode.
  • Claire expresses a romantic interest in Turk Parfait.
  • Luc's parents are mentioned in dialogue, by Claire, who claims that he needs to be in bed before they get back tomorrow.
  • Claire also proves that she takes her job as a babysitter more seriously than anything else in her life, putting the fulfillment of Luc's required bedtime before her chances at kissing Turk and even saving her own life from the void of outer space.
  • Luc and Theo prove to Lester their knowledge of his aliens friends from Larping in the Loop.
  • When Lester talks about the aliens, he says "Christoph and the gang are getting sauce at Goulash Burrito." It is unknown who Christoph is, given that no one in his larping group has ever been given that name, but since Aliana's Father is the leader of the federation, the most fond of Lester, and a major Zerm, who's name has not been revealed, it's likely that he is Christoph.
  • Innuendo: When Shuttle-X157's system reboots and stops Claire and Turk from kissing, Claire calls the system an automated homewrecker.
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