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Principal Applecrab is the principal of Port Doover Elementary. He is voiced by Darren Frost.


The jammed headmaster Applecrab loves his job. He is desperately trying to be a cool teacher, but that will probably never be the case. He departs on witchcraft and magic tricks, is it even though not great shakes.


He is tall, lanky balding man with curly orange hair, mustache and he wears glasses, light green shirt, necktie, Dark green pants, brown vest and shoes.

Episode Appearances[]


  • His name is a reverse of the name "Crabapple".
  • In the German dub, his name is "Direktor Apfelmus" (rough translation: Director/Headmaster/Principal Applesauce).
  • He is based after Mort Goldman from adult's animated series Family Guy, exception he has mustache.