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Port Fear is the 21st episode of season 1 of Looped.


Theo gets the hiccups and Luc tries to scare them out of him





  • The title of this episode is a pun on Port Doover.
  • This episode comes the closest to showing Luc's parents as the series gets. Claire recieves a phone call from Mr. Maxwell, whose voice is not heard, aside from inaudible, cartoon phone gibberish. Claire repeats that Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell are going to be staying on vacation for another year, forcing her to babysit Luc for all that time.
  • List of characters and their worst fears (in order).
    • Claire - Luc's parents staying on vacation for another year.
    • Sarah - Losing her popularity.
    • Jesse - Getting fart-boxed by a giant burrito.
    • Jan Itor - Getting his feet tickled by a midget wrestler.
    • Toque Kid - Losing his toque.
    • Principal Applecrab - Losing his principalship and having to repeat the 8th grade.
    • Luc Maxwell - The loop ending.
    • Amy - A giant, pink, cuddly teddy bear hugging her and telling her he loves her.
    • Kyle Bush - Considering he's too perfect.
    • Theo Merton Jr. - Admitting he's wrong.
  • This episode initially states that Theo isn't afraid of anything and has no know fears. However, in the episode "Monster Stink", it was made obvious that he was terrified of Stan, his closet monster.