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Plight at the Museum is the 3rd episode of season 4 of Looped.


A time phaser is found at Hector's museum of weirdness, and Hector finds out it's use.





  • The title of this episode is a pun on Night at the Museum.
  • Luc portrays his superhero persona, "Pigeon Hawk", by talking in a deep, gravely voice, parodying that of Batman's.
  • Hector the Collector again mentions his ongoing search for the elusive Reverse Mermaid, just like he did in the eponymic episode.
  • Hector mentions that "Cyclopes" is plural for "Cyclops", which is actually true.
  • Pictures of Baby Theo and the Giant Maggot, were seen on the wall in Hector's museum of oddities. It is unknown how Hector could have those pictures, given that this must be a different loop than the one in "Chick Magnet", the only known loop, where they existed. It's possible that because he's such a mythological theorist, he crafted these images, believing that one day, there would be such creatures, coming to existence, which he'd be right about.
  • Hector the Collector has a time phaser in his museum. Theo knew everything about it, having learned about it in the previous episode, "Out of Time".