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Nam Nam is the nanny of Jesse. She is the owner of Goulash Burrito and she forces Jesse to work there, much to his embarrassment. She first appeared in "Space Burrito".


In "Space Burrito", she was the owner of Goulash Burrito and made Jesse work there too. Luc Maxwell was her customer and he made her do everything he wanted, using the threat of a bad review on the internet. In turn, Nam Nam would force Jesse to do what he didn't want to do. Luc ordered an Ultimate Burrito, which used up all the Goulash sauce in the restaurant, much to the dismay of the Zerms, who needed it to power their ship. Theo and Jesse worked together to make more sauce, but when Nam Nam heard about this. She realized their one fatal mistake was using "love" as the secret ingredient, when "hate" is what's really used to make it. She then proceeded to beat the sauce as though she was beating a person, giving the sauce the flavor it had before.

In "Re-Vamp", Luc and Theo took Barry to Goulash Burrito, to introduce him to normal human food. Nam Nam angrily crammed a disgusting burrito down his throat. Barry inquired if any of their food had human blood in it, and Nam Nam's reply was a simple "Hmmm, ... Not today."

In "Glitch Girl", she, Lunchlady Trudy, Marnie, and Jerry's Nanny used to be part of a girls rollerblading team, when they were young. They rejoiced and went up against Gwyn, Sarah, Amy, and Theodora in another competition. Nam Nam's rollerskating stage name was "Bam Bam".

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