Personal information
Name Mai
Also Know As Lester's Indo-Austrian Girlfriend
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 12
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Nerd
Residence India
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations The Nerd Community
Friends Lester (boyfriend)
Enemies Luc Maxwell
Theo Merton Jr.
Love Interests Lester
Interests Clam Fighters
Dislikes Unknown
Appearance and Voice actor
First episode Nerdnesia
Last episode Nerdnesia
Voiced by:

Mai is Lester's Indo-Austrian girlfriend, who communicates with him though video chat. She appeared in "Nerdnesia".


Mai and Lester schedule a conference game after school, (most likely after Lester got home from larping with the Zerms). She is always being described by Lester as him "Indo-Austrian Girlfriend", instead of her actual name, to those who don't know about her, but not all people believe she exists. Mai is equally as nerdy and ugly as Lester, also being a geeky snot-nosed loser, so when those who disbelieve in her stand corrected, they're not that surprised.

When Lester became part of the loop, he wanted Mai to join him. They challenged Luc and Theo to a game of Clam Fighters to decide who would win the loop powers. Mai and Lester won fair and square, but Theo cheated his way out of it and simply took the time card from them.

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