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Lyle Bush was a the first and only celebrity, from Port Doover. He was a handsome and successful man, who led an ideal life. He is a distant ancestor of the equally perfect, Kyle Bush. Lyle appeared in "Fallout Room Boy", via video.


In Fallout Room Boy, Mel was watching an old, black and white Loopy Loops commercial in the fallout shelter. His fame led him to being used in the commercial, to promote the product. Lyle talked about how perfect he was, defined the war between Port Doover and Birthday Cake Island, that was going on at the time, and advertised Loopy Loops cereal.


  • Lyle Bush was in his 20's or 30's by the time the commercial was filmed,and the commercial came out in 1952. At the time of the episode's events, Lyle Bush must be either 80 or 90 right now and possibly even dead.
  • Lyle Bush introducing himself by first and last name was the only time in the series, Kyle's last name was revealed.
  • Lyle Bush claimed to have been Port Doover's only celebrity in the video, which may have been true at the time, but nowadays, it's made clear that a new celebrity named Turk Parfait, became famous and came from Port Doover as well.