Lurvey Peterson
Lurvey Peterson
Personal information
Name Lurvey Peterson
Also Know As None
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation TV Show Host
Residence Unknown
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations The Eventide
Friends Noo Noo
Enemies Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Pets Noo Noo
Appearance and Voice actor
First episode All Things Being Sequel
Last episode Loop - There it is
Voiced by:

Lurvey Peterson is the host of The Eventide. He is a calm, soft voiced Swedish man who hosts the good night show at the end of every day, alongside his orca whale co-host Noo Noo. He first appeared in "All Things Being Sequel".


Lurvey Peterson first appeared in "All Things Being Sequel", where The Eventide was all about Theo Merton Jr. becoming famous off of starring in the third Insector movie.

In "Fart Busters", he and Noo Noo were harassed by the fart ghosts.

In "Luc At Me", on his show, he talked about an embarrassing video of Principal Applecrab fishing. Luc wanted to be in the embarrassing video spotlight for a day, so he made a video of himself, only for the wrong one to make it onto the show.

In "Loop - There it is", Luc publicly announced on his news channel that he knew everyone's secrets and that no one was safe around him. Lurvey and Noo Noo were some of the people, watching his news channel in utter schock, while he made his speech.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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