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Lunchlady Gertrude "Trudy" is the lunch lady at Port Doover Elementary.


In Dodge This, she served Luc his pizza, which he then dropped on Jesse, earning him and Theo a fart-boxing. The next Monday, she'd repeat the same action, only for Luc to drop it in Knight Jesse, earning him a joust challenge.

In Sickwich, Luc said that he didn't need to buy lunch, because he brought his own, causing Trudy to faint in shock.

In Fart Busters, she served Luc his lunch and he dropped it on Jesse again.

In Jan-Itor-Nado, she went through the Mondaily serving of Luc's lunch, and more of this repeating phenomenon was revealed, when we learned that Luc would then proceed to chuck the pizza in Jan Itor's general direction, forcing him to spend his break, cleaning that.

In Baby Daddy, she served Luc his lunch and he dropped it on Jesse, but Jesse wouldn't fart-box him, because he was carrying baby Theo.

In 11 Minutes to Lame, she gave Luc and Theo special treatment for being celebrities, giving them their own table and serving them an entire platter of pizza. Luc thanked her with a compliment, causing her to blush and giggle, having never received such gratitude before.

In Fallout Room Boy, it was revealed that Mel had dated her in the past, and he also addressed her by her full name, "Gertrude".

In Glitch Girl, it was revealed that she, an old lady, Nam Nam, and Jerry's Nana, were once in a rollerskating team. Luc got them back together again to beat the current girls rollerskating team.

In Part 2 of a Balanced Breakfast, she did a performance for the school talent show, and was disrespected by Principal Applecrab, who she lated tied up and duct taped, hiding him away, so that she could tell everyone else that he said she won.

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