this is a song that is used in the program called looped and the lyrics go like this:

hey there little buckaroo wanna be a champ! our race car driver space cadiet or a pirate with a map heres a endless ball of fun for you and your troop grab a box pack your socks or do a loopy loop,

its formulated for you and all your feastive friends with a dash of radiated so the fianle will never end infinit enventureful just go haed and grab a scoop hang on tight take a bit do a loopy loop,

side effects may include,

a strange senstion that you just did that thing you did is loopy deja vu snaparoo make a flick scientist agree that its dangrouse for kidz, so grab the lyrics for this tune a loopy loops.

the lryics are taken form CITV epiodes 52 you can see hit here

you can see the song on my youtube page here:

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