Her-Tiny Kitty Doll
Her-Tiny Kitty Dolls are a brand of toy dolls, marketed toward girls between the ages of 0 and 7. They have a slightly significant prominence in the series.

Principal Applecrab owns a doll, which he named "Susie Sweetmane", that he keeps protected in a safe in his office. The reason for his enjoyment of such a childish and girly doll goes down to a psychological level. Susie Sweetmane is best known for her long, beautiful mane, while he is completely bald. He enjoys combing and styling her hair, to make up for the lack of his own.

In "Ronnie Trasco", it was revealed that Susie Sweetmain is actually not a doll, but a Cabilus Key. A key in a series of nine others, which when joined together, will open up a time-proof, supernatural, interdimensional, portal to the Savannah Dimension. One of the dimension's lost members, Angramorgrial has been on a search for the last key, so that he could get back home. He went under the name "Ronnie Trasco" and shape shifted into a human child, and roamed Port Doover Elementary, and finally found it, by tricking Luc and Theo into helping him.

In "Glitch Girl", Theo attempted to get a Her-Tiny Kitty Doll from the claw machine, to impress Gwyn Sanders, but Luc messed him up and made him grab a spider toy instead.

In "A Fortuitous Future", Luc showed Theo the advantages of the loop, by playing every carnival guessing game and getting everything right, letting him win all the prizes. One of which was a her-tiny kitty doll.

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