Gwyn Sanders
Personal information
Name Gwyneth Sanders
Also Know As Gwyn
Hair color Pink (current)

Unknown (original)

Eye color Black
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 13
Birthday April 23 2003
Occupation Student
Residence Port Doover
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations Unknown
Friends Nine
Enemies Theo Merton Jr.

Luc Maxwell (one-sided)

Love Interests Luc Maxwell (one-sided)
Interests Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Parents Mr. Sanders

Mrs. Sanders

Spouses None
Children None
Siblings Unknown
Pets Unknown
Others None
Appearance and Voice actor
First episode Theo Fly
Last episode Part 2 of a Balanced Breakfast
Voiced by: Denise Oliver

Gwyneth "Gwyn" Sanders is a nerdy girl who Theo has a crush on. However, Gwyn doesn't fully like him and has a creepy, stalkerish crush on Luc, who also disgusts him and to call his attention, he can't stand to be around her. She is voiced by Denise Oliver.


Gwyn is a girl who goes to the same school as Luc and Theo. She is,in her own words,the best student in the whole town. She has a crush on Luc, but unfortunately the one who's interested in her is Theo.


She is skinny and she has short pink bob hair with bangs and wears large square-rimmed glasses, yellow hairclips blue hoodie, green shorts, socks and sandals.


Gwyn is a kooky, geeky girl, with not so many friends, but she's still peppy, cheery, and upbeat and goes through every Monday, and regular day, with a smile. She has very strong feelings for others, such as a stalkerish crush on Luc and a burning hatred for Theo.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Her name is Kim in the German dub and Mylene in the French dub.


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