Glitch Girl is the 23rd episode of season 2 of Looped.


Theo joins an all-girls rollerskating team to get closer to Gwyn. And becomes one too.





  • It is revealed that after school, Gwyn Sanders, Amy, and Sarah go to an all girls roller derby.
  • First time Theo was able to ride the bus. Being mistaken for a female, he was given more respect by the bus driver, who went back to get her after noticing missing her.
  • Gwyn reveals that her last name is Sanders in this episode.
  • Gwyn claims that she has little to no friends at school, despite the fact that in this very episode, she is shown to have a strong enough friendship with Sarah and Amy, that she roller skates with them on a regular basis.
  • Timmy the Tiger was seen in Gwyn's locker, despite previously being arrested by the loop-immune Time Fuzz in "Back in the Saddle".
  • The Royal Blue Butt from "Loop it Forward" made a second appearance, giving Luc some advice about ignoring gender stereotypes. Furthermore, Luc addressed the blue butt as the masculine name "Carl", despite her being female.
  • Jerry's Nanny, who was previously mentioned in the episode "Loop - There it is", makes her first physical appearance in this episode.
  • Innuendo: The title of this episode is a pun on the song "Bitch Girl".
  • Innuendo: Luc revealed that Theo wasn't really a girl, by pulling down his pants. It soon turned out that the real reason for him doing so, was to expose his masculine boxers.
  • Sarah was heard screaming, when being slammed by Amy.
  • Amy read a "Sarah says" message, to Theo. This is the first time anyone other than The Twins, had translated the world of Sarah.
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