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The Glee Club Kids are a group of three kids at Port Doover Elementary, who occasionally appear to perform a musical number. They first appeared in the episode Theo Fly.


In "Theo Fly", they sang the musical number, the Flyder Man Theme Song. It was an action-packed SpiderMan parody song about Theo and his new fly alter-ego. At the end of the episode, they returned, when Theo fused with a badger, and sang the Honey Badger Man Theme Song.

In "There's a New Principal in Town", they sang an angel's choir as Coach Lessard dumped down a bunch of greasy food for them. They were later seen, coming out of the lockers and singing another choir, judging Luc on his dash through the halls.

In "Applecrab-Dabra", they made an appearance at the end of the episode, singing a little musical number about their beloved principal, Principal Applecrab and just what kind of a guy he is, when it comes to being not only a principal, but a magician.

In "Larping in the Loop", the boy and the red haired girl were two members of Lester's larping team, in his Monday larping with the alien Zerms.

In "Ronnie Trasco", while Luc and Theo were loking for suspects of who stole the Her-Kitty doll, the billboard showed pictures of the tree Glee Club kids, all with connections to each other.

In "Bald is Beautiful", they were three of the many students to start growing beards and crazy hair.

In "Oiled Thunder", Luc teamed up with the Glee Club kids to win Theo back from Ricky Rhyme.

In "Fortuitous Future", they sang a musical number about Tomorrow.

In "Part 2 of a Balanced Breakfast", they sang backup in Sarah's song about Loopy Loops.


Glee Club Kids wears maroon shirt, lavender bandana, blue pants or skirt, white or light pink socks and black shoes. Ginger is very skinny and she has a long ginger hair tied back into a large ponytail, large bangs and freckles. Alexv is tall and he has flattop hairstyle and tan skin, also, some headgear. Timberly is chubby and dark skin, very curly brown hair with purple headband.


Episode Appearances[]


  • Ginger one is based after Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter film series.
  • Ginger was possibly named after the color of her hair.