Getted Smart is the eighth episode of season one of Looped.


Luc cheats on a test.


Luc and Theo take the same standardized test they've taken every Monday. Theo works away to get every answer right, but Luc, not worrying about a future that will never come, doesn't see why he'd put forth such effort. After class, Mr. LemonJello mysteriously hands the tests to Principal Applecrab, carrying a suspicious briefcase. Theo criticizes Luc for his stupidity, and Luc takes this as a challenge to prove his true genius. He vows to work hard and study, but instantly changes his mind, when seeing Principal Applecrab, carrying the standardized tests by, giving him a better idea. During the fire alarm, Principal Applecrab freaks out and leaves his office. Luc slips in, takes a picture of the answer key. The next loop day, he gets all the answers right and Theo worries, when he sees him actually working hard on his test. After class, Theo tells Luc that he wasted his time, cheating, since no one will actually know his genius anyway. Just then, Principal Applecrab puts the tests up for analyzation. When Luc's test is read, agents at the FBI are instantly alerted that there's a genius at Port Doover Elementary and they visit the school that very day. Principal Applecrab scoffs at Luc being the kid genius, but Luc proves how smary he is by predicting Claire's car accident, guessing the exact amount of jellybeans in a jar, and understanding everything about a horse derby, using knowledge from the loop. Theo tries to convince the angents, that this is all a fluke, but they refuse to believe him. School is shut down, so the agents can construct a giant laboratory, where they'd be using Luc as a test subject, and using a machine to inflate Luc's head to massive preportions. They follow all his stupid ideas, such as believing bacon is the solution to cold fusion. Theo sneaks into the school to bust Luc out, by going into the meat truck, that tranfsers processed meat into the school's food storage unit, using a vacuum tube, but becomes very grossed out by the disgustingness he lies in. He finally makes it into the lab and warns Luc that they're planning on harvesting his brain and Luc gets ready to head for the hills. The power outage happens just at that time and they try to escape, while none of the angents can see, but given hoe ingenious the agents are, they knew their plan as soon as the lights went out, and caught them both again. Since no intelligent plans will actually work, it all comes down to Luc to think of a totally stupid plan to get them out. Luc pulls off the classic "look behind you" trick on the agents. The agents completely overthink his action, and spend time, nervously considering what choice they should make. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that they should look behind them. Luc and Theo escape while the agents are distracted. The leader of the agnets, curses their mistake, but claims that because they were defeated by one of the best, they shouldn't feel too ashamed in their loss. Luc and Theo make it out of the lab, scott free, but Luc notices that his head is still overinflated. He dreads that he'll never fit into any of his hats, and rushes back to the lab with brain harvesting scientists, to ask them if they can help deflate his head again. Theo laughs at Luc's folly and sarcastically calls him "genius".


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  • The title of this episode is a pun on Get Smart.
  • When the fire alarm goes off, Principal Applecrab shouts "Principals first!", a take on the phrase "Women and children first!"
  • Aliana's spaceship makes a cameo, getting blasted out of orbit by a laser.
  • Claire makes the ridiculous excuse for getting in a car accident, which would be that a tiger jumped in front of her path. In other episodes, Timmy, the escapes tiger from Port Doover Zoo is seen, running around the town, making her excuse not that ridiculous.
  • Theo claims to have become a vegetarian, after being disgusted by unprocessed meat. However, he could have only made this claim as a one-off joke.
  • Innuendo: Theo tells Luc not to "play coy" with him, and Luc says he wants to do so, because he's already wearing his cup, as he pulls out the waistband of his pants and looks down it.


  • In the first establishing shot of the students taking their tests, Gwyn's mouth is missing.
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