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The Fly is a common housefly that happens to have a significant role in the loop day. It's lifespan is one day, which happens to be the loop day, giving Luc and Theo the opportunity to have fun with it every single Monday. It made it's first appearance and most major role in the episode "Theo Fly".


On Monday, October 12th 2015, a fly hovered outside the window of Luc and Theo's science class. It crashed into the pane many times, trying to get in, and the already distracted Luc gave it his attention. Since they know exactly when the fly is going to be at the window, they have the chance to do some funny things with it.

In the episode "Theo Fly", Theo swallowed the fly and looped with it, combining their DNA and giving the fly awareness of the loop. Theo became a fly-like superhero named Flyderman and the fly became a self-aware human-like villain. The fly resembled Theo, talked to him, and communicated with the humans. At the end of the Monday, the fly swallowed Theo and they looped again, sending their DNA and the fly's awareness of the loop back to normal.

Episode Appearances[]