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End that Ending is a song sung by Luc Maxwell and Theo Merton Jr. in the episode "The Exciting Conclusion".


Luc: Let's go outside and take a look.
Theo: Might find the ending to your book.
Luc: Hey, see that bank that's getting robbed?
Could be the time thief getting mobbed
This garbage can. it ain't too clean.
Well, looky here. A time machine.
This rock is a clock.
Theo: This slime is a time ... defibrillator.
Luc: Hey there, look at this dead rat.
Theo: Or is it TJ's armored hat?
Theo (Speaking): Nope, it's really a dead rat.
Luc (Speaking): Okay, don't anyone touch that.
Theo: A tetanus shot is surely pending.
Both: But not until you end that ending.