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The Drama Teacher is an unnamed teacher of Port Doover Elementary's drama club. She is voiced by Stephanie Lynn Robinson.


In the episode "Theo Fly", during Theo's big chase with the Fly, they passed by the female professor, who was walking up the stairs. As they did, they bumped into her, knocking her coffee out of her hands, and spilling it on her dress. She then said "Well, that burns." and was never seen again.

In the episode "4 Out of 5 Dentists Prefer the Loop", she was teaching the drama class, with Kyle in the play. Theo made a big speech about Luc's hideous transformation into a robot, and the drama teacher applauded him, for adding so much feeling and emotion into it.


She is a tall woman with long light brownish blonde hair and dark pink lips. She wears glasses, green hairband, yellow shirt with pink vest, teal skirt, blue jeans and sandals.

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