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Dragonface Pukebutt is a robot, invented by Theo in the episode "She's All Bot". She is a calculating robot, used to predict the consequences of all of Luc and Theo's actions, using the knowledge of the loop. She is modeled after Gwyn Sanders.


Dragonface Pukebutt was invented by Theo and suspiciously modeled after Gwyn in "She's All Bot", programmed with all the knowledge of what happens on Monday, 12th. Her intention was to predict the outcome of every action Luc and Theo made, keeping them out of danger. Luc tested this and she did an excellent job. However, personality wise, she was far too similar to the real Gwyn, as she hated Theo and had a huge crush on Luc. She was impulsively named "Dragonface Pukebutt" as a joke by Luc, which permanantly became her title. Dragonface was driving everyone insane with her destruction and love for Luc, so they had to stop her. Luc was forced to kiss her, causing her to overload with joy and explode. The next day, Theo didn't have the heart to let her die like that, so he rebuilt her and created a robotic mate for her, modeled after Luc, and named Tiny Fishbrain.

She made a cameo in "Loopy Loops", being seen in the crowd, during Wilt Doover's musical number.

She appeared in a glitch in "Part 1 of a Balanced Breakfast", saving Luc and unwillingly, Theo from falling to their deaths and then carried them to the Loopy Loop factory.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Dragonface Pukebutt made a cameo in the crowd in "Loopy Loops". This seems odd, given that the loop should have erased her after the events of her last appearance. It can be argued, however, that the events of this Monday took place on the same Monday that Theo invented Tiny Fishbrain.
  • The same may result in "Part 1 of a Balanced Breakfast".