Dodge This is the first episode of season 1 of Looped.


Luc and Theo are sick of being clobbered in dodgeball every Monday and use the loop to predict every one of Jesse's moves.


Luc and Theo are constantly losing in their game of dodgeball, with every Monday loop. It's all because their main opponent, Jesse, is the greatest dodgeball player in the school and totally has it in for them. Eventually, they get sick of it and decide to do something about it. Theo takes advantage of the loop by calculating all of Jesse's moves until he knows everything he's going to do and when he's going to do it. He and Luc now know how when to jump, duck, etc. and they do just that. In turn, this gets Jesse to knock out Kyle, desecrating his perfectly gorgeous face. Since Kyle was far more popular than Luc and Theo, Jesse gets a ton of backlash from this, including a few words from Sarah, projecting them through Kelly and Kelli, which demands that he goes into his own fart box and suffer his own famous punishment. Jesse's social life is then ruined and he spends the rest of the day crying. Luc and Theo think their troubles are over, but they soon get a visit from a new student, who is depicted as a medieval version of Jesse, names Sir Jesse of Worstershireinghampton's Worstershire (or simply just referred to as Knight Jesse). He challenges them to a duel, which they fatefully lose, ending with them being wedgied on the football goal. The next day, they prepare for Knight Jesse's arrival, only to find that in turn of recent events, another new student comes, who is a greaser version of Jesse. He gives them a whooping, and every Tomorrow Monday, it someone new. There's Caveman Jesse, Pirate Jesse, Robot Jesse, and eventually, a Cosmic Overlord Jesse, who gives them the worst beating of them all. Theo tries to convince Luc that it's better for them to be beamed at dodgeball, but Luc doesn't want to give up the joy of seeing Jesse getting his comeuppance, Sarah being pissed, and Kyle losing his undeserved glory. Overlord Jesse then lifts their bodies into the air and forces them to fight. Theo makes the mistake of saying that he's a lover and not a fighter. Overlord Jesse then manipulates them both, and makes them kiss each other in front of the entire school, subjecting them to further humiliation. Luc finally gives in and plans on losing dodgeball as usual. They go back to getting creamed on the dodgeball court and everything goes back to the way it was.


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  • Luc wears pink gym clothes in every gym scene because every Monday, he forgets to bring his own uniform, and the only spare provided by the school was for girls.
  • Several characters make non-speaking cameos, who would later go on to have major roles in future episode. Shelley and Splash Hannah make cameos in the hallway, while Luc and Theo complain about Jesse's dodgeball pummelings. Shelley rolls past them in the halls, and Splash fawns over Kyle and Jerry Rivers takes a picture of Luc and Theo, being wedgied on the football goal.
  • Jesse throws a dodgevall and Coach Lessard's hat falls off, revealing that he's completely bald.
  • Kyle woke up from his concussion and asked "Is this real life?" This is a reference to the age-old viral YouTube video, "David After Dentist", featuring a kid waking up from an anesthesia nap and asking the same question.
  • Every replacement bully for Jesse has a personality, that resembles culture from another time period. Knight Jesse is from the middle ages, Greaser Jesse is from the 1970's, Caveman Jesse is from the prehistoric times, Pirate Jesse is from the piracy age, Robot Jesse is from the future, and Cosmic Overlord Jesse comes from a realm that exists outside of time.
    • Given that Robot Jesse came from the future, this can be classified as one of Luc and Theo's rare encounters with the days after Monday, 12th.
  • The logos on the gym uniforms are supposed to resemble Loopy Loops cereal.


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