Coach Lessard
Coach Lessard
Personal information
Name Mr. Lessard
Also Know As Coach Lessard
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Gym Teacher
Residence Port Doover
About friendship, interests and family
Affiliations Port Doover Elementary
Friends Jesse
Enemies Piranha
Theo Merton Sr.
Love Interests None
Interests Badminton
Dislikes Exercise
Parents Unknown
Spouses Unknown
Children Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Pets Unknown
Others Unknown
Appearance and Voice actor
First episode Dodge This
Last episode Sooper Loopers
Voiced by: Unknown

Coach Lessard is the gym teacher at Port Doover Elementary.


Coach Lessard is a thick Wag the favorite food. Granted, it burns sometimes rapidly the fuse. Especially when nobody wants to inspire his sports course. Finally, he goes all the time around in his golf cart and tried to attract students of his course - in vain.


He is a very large, overweight hunchback man with curly ginger hair, balding and thick mustache. He wears a purple cap, purple shirt and blue pants and shoes.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Coach Lessard is obsessed with badminton.
  • In "Badmerton to the Bone", he had a past rivalry with Theo Merton Sr., back in high school.
  • It was also revealed in that same episode that he has a robotic arm, after his real one was bitten off by Shelley the Pirhana. This would also be mentioned in "Moby Piranha" and briefly in "Loop - There it is".
  • In the German dub, his name is Trainer Törtchen (rough translation: Coach Tart).
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