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Chief Jolly Pops is a clown that used to work for Wilt Doover, until he was replaced by a robot. He lived in the 50's, and was featured in Wilt's instructional video in "Loopy Loops". He later went on to become the chief of Birthday Cake Island.


Back in the 1950's, Port Doover and Birthday Cake Island were in a war with each other. Some clown immigrants were still allowed access to Port Doover, if they did no wrong, but not all clowns obeyed this and there were plenty of crime-causing illegals, who roamed the realms.

Jolly Pops was a clown who worked for Wilt Doover at the Loopy Loops Factory. He was a loyal and diligent employee, who always did his job and respected Wilt Doover like the way a worker should his boss. However, he knowingly caused crimes by stuffing birthday cake in the cereal boxes, which was nothing, but torturesome to it's consumers. When Wilt Doover heard about this, he replaced all the clowns with robots, including Jolly Pops. Jolly Pops was angry and swore revenge, which was served by freezing Wilt Doover in a block of rock candy. The one he's currently frozen in today.

After that, Jolly Pops led a new life, of a great chief, who ruled over an islander tribe of his own clown pals, on Birthday Cake Island. He made his first appearance in "Birthday Cake Island", where he celebrated Luc's birthday, until Luc ate King Cake, causing them to sacrafice him and Theo.


Jolly Pops is an extremely miniature, miniature clown. He has tall, spiky hair. He has triangular makeup splotches above his eyes and a squashed out, clown nose and some clown lipstick. He also wears a weird jumpsuit for his job.

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