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Loga Doover

Lemmy "Loga" Doover is a minor character in Looped who first appears in the fanon episode "The Party Criminals".

She has a unnamed mentor in her mansion. she is very rich and spoiled. she appears to live in Boston, Royal Lake.

  • She Is Named After Lemmy Koopa.
  • She may be The Twins's counterpart, they both have black hair and braces, but does not have a twin.
  • When she says Sarah is no longer her cousin, she has sunglasses. but in the entire episode, it's gone. maybe an error.
    • She was originally Luc's cousin, causing her to be in the Maxwell Family and living in Japan, Ostin.
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Tomek Flynn-Fletcher Tomek Flynn-Fletcher 7 January 2019

"Looped" in High Quality

Hello, my looped friends!

I've just discovered the show and I honestly love it. I've been wondering if someone happens to have the episodes of "Looped" in 720p or 1080p, preferably without the TV or other logos but real HD / FHD with the logos will do, too. I'm open to any kind of transferring them to me - via e-mail, Google Drive or any other online drive, an old-fashioned torrent file is fine as well. I hope someone is out there ;)

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The TheoMertonFanatic The TheoMertonFanatic 9 July 2018


i haven't been here since december but i hate this show now


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EC-707 EC-707 21 January 2018

The possible second season of Looped

If the second season is announced, let me know.

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The TheoMertonFanatic The TheoMertonFanatic 28 December 2017


Hello, My name is Laney Glama/The TheoMertonFanatic/Niyander and Laney Penn Fan!

My favorite shows are Grojband, Looped, Sidekick, Wayside, Chuck's Choice, Camp Lakebottom, And Total Drama.

3 Random facts:

  • My brother is Ryan Gilliam. (Ryan the Red Motimon on Youtube, RyantheDoraemonGuy03 on Scratch,

ChiroFan2003 on Wiki, and PMD99Swell on DeviantArt).

  • I think that Luc, Kyle, and Sarah are cute.
  • I love aesthetics.
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