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Birthday Cake Island is the 19th episode of season 1 of Looped.


Luc is sick of Kyle celebrating his birthday every Monday, while his own birthday is the day after the loop day, so Luc and Theo go to Birthday Cake Island and meets the clowns.


The episode begins with Kyle Bush blowing his candles. The first one is that Kyle has his own birthday song. Luc and Theo are seeking down the hallway. Theo has an invitation for his birthday at Birthday Cake Island. Luc is sad, so he puts a sad face on his pizza. Theo is worried about him. So, Luc and Theo are navigating to Birthday Cake Island. So, Periwinkle shouts at them, and all the people are furious. Luc and Theo have no idea how to get out of Birthday Cake Island. And then appears the King Cake. And then after scenes, the clowns put them in a volcano. Luc shouts that is his best birthday ever and the episode ends.



  • It is revealed that October 12th is Kyle's birthday and October 13th is Luc's birthday.
  • First time Luc and Theo technically see tomorrow. They go into another time zone, and live the first hour of Tuesday 13th, before the loop catches up to them.
  • Innuendo: When Luc was being a grump, Theo asked him "What crawled up your loop hole?"