Bathroom PSA
The Bathroom PSA is the rap number, created and performed by Oliver and Olivia for the Port Doover PSA assembly. The song is intended to give students a lecture on how to appropriately use the bathroom, by using only as much toilet paper as they need, and making sure to wipe any splattered urine off the toilet seat, before leaving.

Due to Kelly and Kelli drawing attention to the overrated, egotistical Sarah, every Monday day, before the duo can even begin their performance, they are stomped on and all attention goes to Sarah, brushing her hair for the entire assembly, leaving Oliver and Olivia, feeling sad and rejected, and disallowing them from doing their musical number. On Mondays where Luc and Theo mess with Principal Applecrab's notes, they usually switch the PSA to something so absurd, that it throws Sarah, Kelly, and Kelli off guard, and gives Luc and Theo's event full attention. However, this does not let Oliver and Olivia perform, as they are still disappointingly shooed offstage, to make room for Luc and Theo's unwarranted nonsense.

In "The Replacements", Luc and Theo pitied the duo and finally gave them the shining change to do their rap number. So, they sabotaged Sarah's twins, keeping her from drawing attention to herself, and allowed Oliver and Olivia do what they were supposed to be. After they did their performance, Luc and Theo were shocked by it's content, and began to consider which was worse. Sarah then caught everyone's attention afterwards, by chewing gum, which wasn't hurtful to Oliver and Olivia, since they performed already, but it made Luc and Theo decide that admiring Sarah was way better than Oliver and Olivia's stupid performance, and that they'd prefer that any Mondayday. This would be the only episode to feature the musical number.


Oliver: Listen up, all you dents
Both: We be PSA Hooray
with a message we know's gunna rock your day!
Oliver: We all about hygiene.
Olivia: And we like to keep it clean.
Both: If there's pee pee on our toilet seat,
we gunna get mean!
We gunna get mean!
Oliver: The school gives up TP
in every single stall.
Olivia: And they ain't stingy.
Youz got a whole roll.
Oliver: So break off a square.
Olivia: Maybe two or three.
Both: make sure your toilet seat is pee pee free!

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