All Things Being Sequel is the fourth episode of season one of Looped.


Luc and Theo make a third sequel to the Insector franchise.


Luc and Theo watch Insector 2 and talk during the movie, getting them kicked out. They then decide they can't wait any longer for a sequel and wish the third one would come to theaters sometime soon. Later, Lester says he has the script for the third movie, which was leaken online. Luc and Theo use the script to make the movie, themselves. When Luc and Theo get to casting, Luc becomes the human lead actor, while Theo becomes the monster, because of his cheek bones. They use the loop predictions to know where to make scenes for their movie. Like using the lightning strike to blow up a jalopy and using Claire's car crash as an effect of monster destruction. After they finish, they switch out Principal Applecrab's notes and make him read the promo script, while they play their preview on the white screen behind him. The students love the idea for their movie and are excited to see it. Theo makes the movie go into theaters, by booting Insector 2 out of the lineup and replacing it with Insector 3. After the first screening, the crowd goes wild over it. Luc and Theo stand outside to greet their fans, but Theo seems to outshine the fans among the fans. The fans form a staompede and chase Theo down the streets and Luc pulls him safely into the alley way. Luc is jealous of Theo's superiority in acclaim and wants the movie to be remade because he thinks he would be better as the monster, not telling him the real reason. The next Monday, they remake the movie starring Luc as Insector and Theo as the hero. They go through the same process and air the movie in theaters, but Theo still has the glory. The next Monday they remake the movie again, this time with Luc as both Insector and the main character, but when they greet the fans, people praise Theo for his outstanding performance as Citizen #3. Luc keeps getting the movie remade, but no matter how much he mixes up the casting, the reaction stays the same. Luc gives in and says they should ignore the movie and forget about it entirely. Theo agrees. The next Monday, Luc finds Theo riding through Port Doover in a limousine, absorbing the fame that hasn't yet even come to be. Theo broke his promise, because he loves being famous too much, making Luc super angry. At the movie theater, Theo is about to screen Insector 3 once again. Luc breaks in and gets into a fight with him. The two of them argue and it gets physical, knocking the film out of the projector, landing it in Kyle's popcorn bag. As the roll through the aisles, beating each other up. The audience starts cheering at the screen. Confused, Luc and Theo look up at the screen and find a shadow puppet of Kyle's hand, giving a thumbs up on the projector. The fans adore Kyle Bush even more than they did Luc and Theo, for doing absolutely nothing. They then realize how fandom is completely nonsensical, and that they shouldn't be fighting over something so stupid. They become friends again and never affiliate with Insector again.


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  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "All Things Being Equal".
  • Theo has stopped hating and has now taken a new liking to the Insector movies, just like he said he did at the end of "Theo Fly".
  • The Robber has a criminal history outside of his Monday bank robbery. He also leaked the script for Insetor 3 online and had to do community services as punishment. Specufically, this was scraping gum off of the bottoms of the seats in movie theaters.
  • Luc and Theo both agree that Theo has misshapen cheek bones.
  • This episode erroneously depicts Theo's surname as Matthews, and not Merton Junior.
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