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A Kyle in His Shoes is the 14th episode of season 2 of Looped.


Theo proves to Luc how Kyle's life is filled with struggle, despite him being so perfect.





  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "A Mile in his Shoes".
  • The cycle of Kyle's entire day is explored in this episode.
  • Kyle guiding ships to safety with the glow of his teeth from "Re-Vamp" is seen again in this episode.
  • Luc's hatred for singing from "Oiled Thunder" is brought up, when he was asked to break up a fight with the power of his music.
  • Kyle thanks Dr. Toothsweet (Port Doover's only dentist from "4 Out of 5 Dentists") for making his teeth shiny enough to substitute for the lighthouse. Although he was only mentioned and never actually seen, this is the first time in the series his name was actually mentioned.
  • The Music Teacher is portrayed as an old lady, needing to cross the street. This contradicts with her character in other episodes, giving her a different voice and role. She also took the entire day to cross the street, meaning she wouldn't be able to be at school in other episodes.
  • Kyle saves male and female twin babies, with brown and bleu eyes, respectively. These babies are the only human characters in the series with colored eyes.