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4 Out of 5 Dentists Prefer the Loop is the fifth episode of season one of Looped.


Luc hasn't brushed his teeth since Sunday, and is in severe need of braces.


It's the Grand Opening of the Dentist Shop! All the kids cheer when Dr. Toothsweet puts the candy in his hat. He has a raffle for who will win a giant globe of candy, and the winner is Kyle Bush, no matter how much Luc and Theo rig the ballots. Luc later goes to his dental office, for having rotten teeth, on account of his candy and so he prescribes him braces.


Major Roles[]

Minor Roles[]


  • After Sarah got braces, she was briefly heard screaming offscreen. This is the unofficial first time her voice has been used in the series.
  • Kelli requests that because of her new braces, Sarah can have her teeth. Sarah texted her back, saying that Kelly's were much better, making Kelli beat herself up over it. This is the first time Sarah has proven to like Kelly better than Kelli.