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11 Minutes of Lame is the 19th episode of season 1 of Looped.


Luc and Theo become famous musicians.





  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "15 Minutes of Fame".
  • First appearance of Turk Parfait.
  • Turk Parfait's name is a pun on the food, "Turkey Parfait".
  • First episode where Gwyn gets Theo's name right. Also the only episode where she returns his feelings.
  • TubeTube is a parody on YouTube.
  • It's revealed that Theo peed his pants in third grade.
  • Coach Lessard was seen, crying, with his mascara running and screaming at the fans of the currently famous Luc and Theo, begging them to leave Luc and Theo alone. This is a reference to the meme "Leave her Alone", where a crying guy wearing mascara named Chris Crocker made a YouTube video of himself, crying and screaming at the haters of Brittany Spears, begging them to leave her alone.